Willian Soares Cirão: PhD at Bielefeld University, Germany


Neuromorphic Circuits for Novel Devices


Prof. dr. Elisabetta Chicca

Non-academic supervisor:

Dr. Stefan Abel (IBM Research – Zurich, Switzerland)

Neuromorphic Circuits for Novel Devices

This project focuses on the design of neuromorphic circuits for embedding the novel devices developed by the synthesis partners of this ETN. Key neural computational primitives will be targeted; their circuital implementation and integration with novel devices will be characterized and used as building blocks for the construction of neural networks. The main part of the research will be performed at Bielefeld University. During the project the ESR will spend the secondments at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany to collaborate on circuit design based on testing of SrTiO3devices (1 month) and at IBMResearch – Zurich, Switzerlandto further investigate integration needs (1 month).

Bielefeld University (UNIBI) was founded in 1969 and it is one of Germany’s medium-sized universities. With ~25,000 students and ~2,750 staff members (including 269 professors and lecturers as well as 1,390 academic staff), UNIBI provides a wide experience in connection with EU-Projects with several participations as a partner or coordinator from FP5 to Horizon 2020. Bielefeld’s international recognition as a research center is demonstrated by the rapid growth of externally financed research projects, including those on the European level.

The Neuromorphing Behaving Systems (NBS) research group activities include the development of physical models of cortical circuits for brain-inspired computation, learning in spiking neural networks and systems based on CMOS and/or memristive devices, bio-inspired sensing (olfaction, active electrolocation, audition, visually guided navigation) and motor control. As member of the NBS group, ESR-10 will benefit from a highly motivating and multidisciplinary research environment.

Additional information for applicants
We look for a candidate with a master degree in Electrical Engineering.

For more details on the project, contact Elisabetta Chicca